Gorgeous beaches, warm water and glorious sunshine year-round, Algarve is the dream holiday. Situated on the extreme South of Portugal, this part of the territory was the last to be conquered from the Moors by the Portuguese king Dom Afonso III, in 1292. algarve

Traces of the Moorish presence are still seen in its unique terraces, chimneys and whitewashed houses. However, the distance that was difficult to cover back in the 13th century is no longer an obstacle thanks to the modern highway and coastal road and Faro international airport.

So why not visit this charming region, with its idyllic temperatures (average temperature in winter of 14°C and 24°C - 57°F and 75°F - in summer, rarely going below 12°C - 53°F- during winter and reaching as high as 28°C or 30°C - 82°F or 86° F - in July and August), which are ideal for playing golf and nautical sports.

In the northern part of Algarve, the ranges of Espinhaço de Cão, Monchique and Caldeirão shelter the coast from strong winds. This brightly colored region, with its fig trees, orange groves and almond trees in blossom, is also the most verdant and fertile. The southern coastline consists of a long stretch of fabulous sandy beaches, broken up by extraordinary rugged red cliffs and fantastic grottoes.

Apart from the wealth of available water sports facilities (the marinas of Vilamoura and Lagos deserve special mention, amongst the various ports and harbors), there are other alternatives, such as tennis courts, famous golf courses, and an exciting nightlife.

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